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When you pay with cash at your favorite retailers, CoinOut puts your loose change where you want, for free

Earn the rewards and lighter pockets that you deserve

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How CoinOut works

CoinOut brings convenience back to cash. The next time you pay with cash at a
participating merchant, ask to CoinOut your change to save it digitally instead.

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1. Enter your phone number

At checkout, tell the cashier you want to CoinOut your change and enter your phone number on the screen provided.


2. Track it with texts

You'll get a text message letting you know how much was automatically deposited into your CoinOut account.


3. Get more of what you really want

Save it. Donate it to your favorite charities. Or spend it through Amazon gift cards. CoinOut helps you do more with every penny.

Your account is always accessible and always secure

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Save it

The more you use CoinOut, the more your money will grow.
Plus, you can cash out your savings into your own bank account.

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Donate it

CoinOut is a great way to do good. Cash out your account to make a donation to your choice of over great charity organizations.

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Spend it

You can't do much with a jar full of loose change. With CoinOut, you can buy the things you really want by cashing out your account through Amazon gift cards.

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