Merchant Frequently Asked Questions

CoinOut excites your customers and increases sales. By offering the convenience of cash back or saving their change, you build REAL loyalty with your customers. It's not complicated or funky like standard rewards programs - CoinOut is real cash that people absolutely love. We provide merchants with a set of tools that are easy to use in our App and in ways that you, the owner, choose to utilize.

We have two different merchant offerings at this time. The first is a digital cash back offer that captures a very high percentage of your customers. It is the easiest way to activate digital engagement with all your customers (cash, credit, debit, etc) that works! The second is our cash-based product that allows customers to save their cash change digitally. This can be set up through the Clover set up or our other configurations as well. When you sign up, you'll let us know which option you want to activate (or both)!

If you're using Clover, you can download the app from the Clover App Marketplace. If you're using any other set up, we can get you configured right away. Hit the "become a merchant" button in the app - in your settings - and provide us a little information on your business so we can get you set up.

The basic version of the app on the Clover Point of Sale is $19.99. If you are using any other set up, we have a number of different packages depending on your business. We also offer volume pricing and premium options for marketing purposes. Please let us know your interest and we will create a specific quote for you - one all-in-one price.

Take a look at our merchant testimonials. Owners love it and customers DIG it! We have been operating CoinOut for the past year in high volume locations and seen phenomenal results. Because of the simplicity of the product, everyone is happy.

One of our founders built CoinOut to specifically increase the sales in his store. It works. We offer your customers a great convenience, and in doing so, get them hooked to the platform. Our in-app premium options allow you to promote your offerings with one click!