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Uploading Long Receipts

For the long receipts please fold over the middle portion of the receipt. Here's a youtube video showing how to do it for the system to accept:

Change Phone Number

Email support@coinoutcom with the number currently on your CoinOut account and the number you'd like to change it to.

Password Issues

If the password is not working, press "forgot password" or "resend password" to receive a temporary login. You can set your own password after you login by pressing the "$" in the app, going into settings in the top right corner and then pressing "change password".

Cash Out Timing

There is a once a week cash out limit. When you request a cash out your balance is reduced. We review cash out requests Monday - Friday between 9am-5pm. If a cash out is requested outside of these hours, it will be reviewed the next business day.

Cancelled Receipts

We cannot review specific requests for cancelled receipts. There are some receipts that the system can't identify. Usually it occurs if there is a lot of color or different images in the background. The large majority of receipts the system does pick up and process and is getting better each day so you should see fewer and fewer cancellations. To reduce the chance of cancellations, please try placing the receipt on a flat surface without much coloring or images in the background. You can resubmit a receipt if it is cancelled.

Lost My Balance

If you logged in and it appears as though your balance is gone, it is likely that you had previously logged in with a different number. Email us at with the number on your account and how much you believe you previously had.

App is Timing Out

Please try to log out and log back in. If that is still not working, there may be an issue with the app on your phone. Please email us at with your number and we'll give you an update when we can fix the issue.

Blurry Photos

If the receipt image preview is blurry, the system may still be able to process it. Try submitting the image and then check the status of the receipt by pressing the "$" in the app.

E-Receipt Credit

E-receipts are added to your account every Friday. E-receipts that are received prior to 11am Eastern Friday will be included. You will receive a bonus to your account as a "GIFT".

Bonus Amounts

CoinOut bonuses do not depend on the amount you spent at the store. They are 100% random!

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