Merchant Frequently Asked Questions

We help you get the most out of your cash customers! Drive them back to the store by getting to spend their saved funds. Also, we save you money, time and the hassle of dealing with change. Every cash transaction is an opportunity - let us help you get more out them!

Because they hate change and still enjoy paying with cash. Did you know over 85 percent of transactions are still done in cash? We let customers pay how they like, and allow you to offer them discounts, coupons and other messages to get them back in your store. When customers spend the saved money back, it's like they are free.

We have integrated directly with your software to add a button directly onto your register application or another integration (contact us directly to learn more). You don't need to think or do much at all; we want you to focus on the things that matter.

This is how we are able to process transactions and ensure customers get their change.

We will debit the account weekly or work with you directly to decide on the interval. We will withdraw the amount that equates to the transaction from each Monday to Sunday. The transaction will show up in your account the next day as ACH-Coin Out Inc NTE.

If you go the CoinOut app on your POS, you can see your report, or you can login online to

We provide written and visual materials that will help educate your cashiers on the process. However, it is very simple and self explanatory. We recommend that the manager or owner hold a brief session demonstrating how the product works.