Frequently Asked Questions

CoinOut saves your change from cash transactions into a digital account. If you are at one of our participating merchants, ask the cashier to CoinOut after paying with cash. The cashier will turn the register screen to you or there will be a visual prompt on the external device, then simply enter your cell-phone number and select the change amount you'd like Coined out. Look to your cell-phone for a text message receipt. You don't need to signup or download anything beforehand. You can also download our app! You can choose to receive a QR code that you can scan with the app or your iOS camera app instead of entering your number.

Your change is stored in a pooled bank account at our banking partner and FDIC insured institution. Your change is held there until you want to access it.

Stay tuned for updates.

You can choose to cash out your change to your bank account, donate it to a charity, or convert it to a digital gift card.

CoinOut is totally free. We never charge you a dime (get it?).

You only need to setup your account before you cash out. You can CoinOut at participating merchants by just entering your phone number at checkout before even ever hearing about us! Then, when you’re ready, you can sign up and set up your account. Or, download our app to make it easier to track your balances and check-in for how much $ you've saved.

All you need is a cell phone number! No app download needed, but you can if you want!

Click on the link provided in the text message after your first transaction or visit our site and hit "sign up." If you've already done a transaction, request a password and login to your account!

Add your bank account simply by choosing your bank and signing in with your online credentials. Then, you can cash out whenever you like. A cash out typically takes 24-36 hours.

Within 24-36 hours (depending on your bank) of withdrawing, the amount will show up on your bank statement as ACH-Coin Out Inc Credits.

Yes, extremely. We use a third party authentication service that allows us to confirm your bank account information once you provide your online credentials. We do not hold your banking info and encrypt all our database information. Also, we can only send you money – we can never debit your bank account.

Once you select your charity, we will donate your balance to that charity at the end of the month as long as it is 10 dollars or more. Our partners allow the donations to occur. In total, there is a 6 percent processing fee that we charge together although the total amount is 100 percent deductible.

All you need to do is select the spend it feature and you can convert your balance to an Amazon gift card. We will send you an email with the digital link.

Yes, we have a few limits to comply with certain regulations. The maximum, individual CoinOut transaction size is 10 dollars. We also cap the number of transactions per day to 10, and the maximum balance on your account to 500 dollars.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our system, we are unable to change anything once the wrong phone number is entered and submitted. We therefore ask you to be extra careful and make sure you are entering the correct phone number before hitting submit. Please reach out to if you feel like something else went wrong or would like to leave some feedback.

Nope! But you may find it easier to download our app, currently available on the Apple App store.