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How CoinOut works

CoinOut brings convenience back to cash. The next time you pay with cash at a
participating merchant, ask to CoinOut your change to save it digitally instead.

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1. Ring it up

Handle purchases the same way
you normally do.


2. Get their number

When a customer chooses CoinOut instead of change, turn the clover screen and have them enter their phone number.


3. You save time & money

You reduce hassles and costs wrangling coins and bills at the register and bank.

Your account is always accessible and always secure

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The numbers speak for themselves

The average merchant saves $1200 a year with CoinOut. And the more stores you have, the more you'll see the impact on your bottom line. See for yourself.

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CoinOut keeps them coming back for more

Put your business top of mind every time they need to make a purchase. Since CoinOut helps them save more of their own money, why would they go anywhere else?

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It's easy to get started. Just download the CoinOut from the Clover App Market, set up your account and you're ready to go.

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